Planning & Zoning

Planning and Zoning activity in Big Lake is coordinated by the City Planner. Implementation of the comprehensive planning is carried out via the zoning ordinance and the City Planner who provides zoning, ordinance information, and guidance to residents, builders / contractors, developers, businesses, etc., as they seek local government approvals for their projects. Staff is in charge of handling all zoning applications such as plats, conditional use permits and variances. Decision-making is based on Federal, State and Municipal Ordinances. Follow up work focuses on code enforcement issues to ensure the ordinances are being met.

City Planner

The City Planner processes annexation requests and monitors the City’s demographic makeup, housing stock, and works to implement programs that will enhance ownership and / or rental options as part of the Federal Fair Housing Laws as well as to improve the aging housing supply in the City.

Zoning Districts (JPEG)