Weed / Grass Ordinance

Section 510 - Weeds and Grass

510.01 Weeds Defined

Weeds as used in this Chapter shall mean not only such noxious weeds as are enumerated by the Minnesota Noxious Weed Law, Massachusetts Statute 18.75, et. sequitur, and acts amendatory thereto, but also such useless and troublesome plants as are commonly known as weeds to the general public. Weeds shall also be construed to mean all rank vegetable growth which exhales unpleasant or noxious odors, and also high rank vegetable growth that may conceal filthy deposits.

510.02 A Nuisance

Any weeds or grass growing upon any lot or parcel of land, including the lands between the curb line of the street or alley and the property line of private properties to a height greater than one foot, or which are about to go to seed, are hereby declared to be a nuisance and dangerous to the health, safety and good order of the City; excluding storm sewer holding ponds, storm sewer drainage areas, surface water drainage area, wet lands, shoreline vegetation, nature preserve and other unplated property.

510.03 Notice to Remove

When any conditions exist on any lot or parcel of land in the City violation of the provisions of Subsection 510.02, it shall be the duty of the Director of Public Works or foreman to serve a notice on the owner or occupant of the lot or parcel of land, ordering the owner or agent to have the weeds or grass cut and removed within ten days after the service of the notice, and also starting that in case of non-compliance, the cutting and removal will be done by the Public Works department at the owner's expense. When the premises shall appear to be vacant and unoccupied or when the owner or occupant cannot be found, then notice may be served by posting upon the premises in a conspicuous place.

510.04 Removal by City

Upon the failure of the owner, occupant or agent to comply with the provisions of the notice, and after the expiration of ten days, the Director of Public Works or foreman shall cut and removed the weeds and grass, and determine the cost of the cutting and removal and charge the owner of the premises for that amount. A report of the cost shall be made to the City Council at the next regular meeting at which time any person objection shall be heard.

510.05 Cost Assessed

If no objection is made or if the Council shall find that the work was properly done, then the amount of the cost shall be reported to the County Auditor as in the case of other special assessments, and the Auditor shall cause the cost to be assessed, levied and collected in one payment, provided, that within thirty days after the Commissioner's report is made to the City Council, the amount of the cost maybe paid to the City Treasurer, or City Administrator.