All Your Mixers in One Spot

  • Find all of your favorite mixers without having to jump around from store to store by shopping at Lake Liquors. You'll be able to make any drink or cocktail you desire thanks to our diverse selection of affordable mixers and liquors.
  • If you're not sure which mixer you need to create a certain drink, just ask one of our friendly employees. You can trust their knowledge and experience to direct you to the drink ingredients you're looking for.
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Extra Supplies

You can pick up salt and sugar for rimmed drinks. Bloody Mary seasoning and various garnishes are also available for your cocktails. Take advantage of our irresistible discounts. We are conveniently located at 615 Rose Drive, Big Lake, MN.

Estimating Party Needs

In order to determine your spirits needs, consider the following questions:

  1. How many people are you expecting?
  2. How many of your guests will be of legal drinking age?
  3. How long do you expect your event to last?
  4. How many people do you expect in the following age groups? 21-40? 41-55? Over 55?
  5. Will a meal be served or just snacks or appetizers?
  6. Will there be a formal toast?
  7. How far will your guests have to travel after the party?
  8. Are your guests bringing their children?

Other Factors to Consider

  • 3) Drinking generally peaks in the 2nd and 3rd hours of a party, and usually diminishes by 50-% in the 4th and 5th.
  • 4) Many younger legal-aged drinkers prefer wine or beer while most 55 & older prefer cocktails.
  • 5) When food is served, the amount of alcoholic beverage consumption rises significantly. Also, wine selection to compliment the food should be considered.
  • 6) A toast is a separate consideration from the rest of your party needs.
  • 7) Many people will limit their alcohol intake based upon the length of their drive home and if they have their children present. Plan non-alcoholic alternatives to be available throughout the party.