Special Events


Stop by one of the special events brought to you by Lake Liquors and spend your free time socializing with our local crowd while participating in wine and beer tastings.  The special events hosted by Lake Liquors consist of regular happy hours, fundraisers, and festivals. 

 If you have any questions regarding our special events, don't hesitate to ask one of our employees!  You'll receive all the information you need to know in no time.

1st Annual MMBA Fire Department Fundraiser!

In an effort to help your city promote the Community Value of their Municipal Liquor Operation, the MMBA, in partnership with Miller Coors, is coordinating the 1st annual fundraiser benefiting your local fire department. Event runs August 1st-September 11th.

Many are running on very tight budgets so this is a way to help raise additional $$. ALL FUNDS raised will go directly to the Big Lake Fire Department.


Be sure to continue to check our FB page. There will be many exciting ways to help raise funds for these great men and women. We will have silent auctions located in the store, donation cards and buckets at each register and that's not all. LET'S DO THIS BIG LAKE!!!!!