Wine - February 2023

February Wine of the Month - Apothic $8.99 all types


Wine Selection

Find the right wine for your taste and budget by shopping at Lake Liquors. Have a gathering approaching? Stop by on Tuesdays and receive 10% off wines in-store. In addition to Tuesdays' discount, when you purchase a case of wine you will receive 10% off a case of wine, and you are able to mix and match the case with your favorites. Please keep in mind, these discounts exclude items already on sale.  

Special happy hour tastings are available! You're invited to stop by our next happy hour to spend some time socializing and previewing new wines. Follow us on Facebook for updates on upcoming tastings. 

Special Orders

If you can't find the bottle of wine you're looking for in our selection, we will be happy to put in a special order for you. There isn't a better gift than a bottle of wine, but it has to be the right wine, and that's where our experts come in. We can help you choose from a vibrant range of wines. Providing you with the wine you will truly enjoy is always our pleasure.  

Wine Pairing

Food Sauv Blanc Chard Riesling Pinot Noir Syrah Merlot Meritage Cab
Nuts Pine Nuts Almonds Candied Walnuts Walnuts Hazelnuts Chestnuts Toasted Cashews Walnuts
Asiago Havarti Goat Sharp Cheddar Parmesan Cheddar Brie
Meat/Fowl Chicken Turkey Veal Chicken Pork Smoked Sausage Duck Lamb Sausage Filet Mignon
Roast Game Peppercorn Spicy Sausage Grilled Meats Steak BBQ Sausage Pizza
Venison Ribeye
​Beef Steak
Oysters Scallops Halibut Shrimp
Sea Bass Trout Orange Roughy Tuna Salmon Grilled Swordfish Tuna Tuna Grilled Shark Grilled Tuna
Veggie/Fruit Citrus Green Apple Asparagus Potato
​Chili Peppers
​Dried Fruit
​Stewed Tomatoes
Caramelized Onions
Bell Pepper
​Roasted Shallots
Black Cherries
Herb/Spice Chives Terragon Cilantro Tarragon
Black Pepper
Sauces Citrus
​Light Sauces
Cream Sauce
Sweet BBQ
​Light Medium
​Red Sauce
Heavy Sauce
Brown Sauce
​Tomato Sauce
Desserts Sorbet
​Key Lime Pie
Banana Bread
​Vanilla Pudding
Apple pie
​Caramel Sauce
Crème Brulee
​White Chocolate
Black Forest
​Rhubarb Pie
Dark Chocolate Berries Fondue Dark Chocolate Berry Cobbler Bittersweet Chocolate
​Espresso Gelato