Current Door-to-Door Sales and Mobile Food Unit Permits Issued

Most Door-to-Door sales in the City of Big Lake require a permit/registration from the City.

  • Transient Merchants, Peddlers who sell merchandise, and Solicitors selling services door-to-door all require a permit or a registration from City Hall. If you are visited by a door-to-door salesperson, ask to see their City of Big Lake issued permit. If the salesperson does not have the required permit, call 911 to report the incident. Any information you can provide to the police will be helpful (vehicle license number, make and color of vehicle, etc.). The police will attempt to contact the seller and inform him/her of the permit requirements.
  • Chapter 320 of the Big Lake City Code regulates door-to-door licensing.
  • All citizens have a right to prohibit a salesperson from approaching their door. Post a “NO PEDDLER/SOLICITATION” sign at your door. It is illegal for a salesperson to Solicit or Peddle at a premise where this sign is posted.
  • Remember - A solicitor may not remain on your property after you have asked him/her to leave.


The City of Big Lake issues two types of door-to-door sales permits. A description of these permits and their licensing requirements is shown below.

  • Solicitors – persons going door-to-door selling a SERVICE and do not carry product with them for immediate sale.
  • Peddlers - persons going door-to-door selling product for immediate sale.
  • Transient Merchants – persons who temporarily sets up business out of a vehicle, trailer, boxcar, tent, other portable shelter, or empty store front for the purpose of selling goods, and who does not remain or intend to remain in any one location for more than consecutive days.
  • Mobile Food Units – Persons offering food/beverage sales from a vehicle, trailer, cart, or ice cream truck.