Mobile Food Truck Permits

MOBILE FOOD TRUCKS - Persons offering food and beverage service from a vehicle mounted unit such as a motorized vehicle, trailer, food cart, or ice cream truck.

Current Issued Mobile Food Truck Permits

Business Name Owner/Operator 
Public and/or 
Private Property
Brain Freezze Michelle Remick Public/Private/Lakeside Park 2/15/22-12/31/22
Faisal Ice Cream Faisal Kazar Public/Private Property 2/02/22-12/31/22
Grampa Steve's Kettle Corn Madalyn Thompson Movie & Music in the Park Only at Lakeside Park 5/01/22-10/31/22
Griddle on the Go Robert Aiello
Private Property
Hansmaillervin Mark Smail Private Property 3/07/22-12/31/22
Mac's Mini's MacKenzie Frederick Public/Private Property 4/01/22-12/31/22
Mario's Italian Kitchen Tabatha Gonser Private Property 3/08/22-12/31/22
Mister Lemonade Alyssa Voss Lakeside Park Only 5/01/22-10/31/22
Swede's Smokin Grill Susan Suelter  Private Property 3/04/22-12/31/22
The Flaming Bowl Roger Wold Private Property 3/4/22-12/31/22