2021 Street & Utility Project

The 2021 Street and Utility Project includes Areas A and B. Each area is broken into phases. View this subpage for current status updates. Project Areas A and B

Area A: Phases 1, 2, & 3   

Phase 1 2 3 Map  210903Phase 1 Current Status: Mailboxes and boulevard restoration completed.  Final layer of asphalt on Euclid Ave and Sherburne Ave to be placed soon.

Phase 2 & 3 Current Status:  Storm sewer pipe an inlet structures completed on Red Oak Drive, Westwood and Shady Lane the following week. Gravel grading has been taking place as they work from the south streets toward the north. Concrete curbing likely next week on Phase 2.  Phase 3 to have curbing the following week if no delays such as weather. Curbing and paving work will be scheduled on opposite phased streets to allow residents to park close. The streets are very narrow and do not allow room for contractor and vehicles to be on the street at same time. We ask for your patience as they work as fast as possible.

Area B: Phases 4 & 5  

Phase 4 5 Map  210903

Phase 4 Current Status: (Will Street Powell Circle North & Powell St (north of Powell Circle East) Reclaiming pavement surface begins on Friday the 24th. Storm sewer pipe and inlet structures to be installed in October as we await the manufacturer to provide them.  Curbing and sidewalk anticipated to be installed early to mid October. Paving and restoration later part of October and early November. Mailboxes will be reinstalled late October. 

Phase 5 Current Status: (Powell Circle East, Powell Circle West and Powell Street (south of Powell Circle East).  Due to storm sewer and watermain component availability, Phase 5 work will take place in late April, May and June of 2022.  Certain construction products have always been stocked by suppliers but this year is an exception unfortunately.