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Police Forms

  1. BLPD Crime Free Housing - Request to Participate
  2. Data Request
  3. Juvenile Center Detention/Intake Form
  4. Officer Feedback Form

    We always welcome feedback on the quality and level of service our staff provide.

  5. Parking Waiver Form

    This is utilized to request a temporary waiver from City Ordinance Requirements for Parking Regulations.

  6. Request for Police Officer Ride Along
  1. Bus Arm Violation Report
  2. Incident Report

    This report is used to generate a police report for an incident in which you have been involved.

  3. Neighborhood Concern - Crime Tip

    For providing information on a concern in your neighborhood or a crime tip.

  4. Parking Ticket Appeal
  5. Request for Background Check

    Internal City Use

  6. Tire Damage Follow Up Report

    If you have already made a damage report, please complete this form for the Sherburne County Prosecutor

Volunteer Program

  1. Request to Volunteer Form

    Please fill out the information below and our Recreation Coordinator will contact you regarding your interest in volunteering. Thank... More…