Building Permit Applications

In general, a permit is required for most construction projects where something is being built, repaired, replaced or remodeled. You do not need a permit for projects where only painting, wallpapering, and/or carpeting are being done.

For siding, re-roofing, door/window repair, furnace & A/C, water heater/softener, fireplace, please see our over-the-counter permit application tab below. Separate permit applications are required for these rehab projects.

General Building applications may take up to 10 - 15 business days to process. Do not pay until application has been approved.

You may submit an application(s) using one of the option below:

  • email applications to Trisha Lindahl -, 
  • mail in - City of Big Lake 160 Lake St N, Big Lake, MN 55309 ATTN: Trisha Lindahl,
  • or walk in.

Payments for Over-the-Counter permit applications will receive an email with a link to pay online. We no longer take payments over the phone.

***Zoning applications (fence, parking pad, shed 200 sq. ft. and under, pools, etc.) are found on the Zoning and Planning Page.

  1. Over-the-Counter
  2. General Building
  3. All Commercial
Below is a list of all residential over-the-counter permit applications for the City of Big Lake. Click on each name for the correct permit application. Please contact Trisha Lindahl at 763-251-2971 if you have any questions or need assistance applying for a permit. Over-the-counter permit applications submitted online, email, or mail may be processed within 1-2 business days.

Building Documents