Volunteer of the Month

Download the Volunteer of the Month Nomination Form (PDF)

The City of Big Lake has numerous great organizations and events that make Big Lake an enjoyable and fun place to live, and a active, supportive place to start a business. Much of the work for these organizations and events is provided through the generosity of the caring residents of Big Lake who donate their time.

The City of Big Lake is thankful for all that our community-minded volunteers do for the community. Many of our events and initiatives wouldn’t succeed without their generosity. The amount of time and resources that our volunteers pour into the community is remarkable and has a tremendous impact on our residents and businesses. The City created this program to thank those individuals and to bring to light the vast amount of time and resources that are generously given each month to the community.

Monthly Selection

Monthly, the City Council will be awarding a Volunteer of the Month that will be awarded at the City Council meeting. The volunteer of the month candidates will be nominated by the community and selected by the Mayor.

Anybody who volunteers their time to improve the City of Big Lake community is eligible to receive this award. When choosing the nominee, the selection will be based on the type of work they have done and the impact it has had on the community. Any individual or organization from the City of Big Lake can nominate individuals for this award.


Nominations for this award will be accepted monthly and are due by the end of each month. Awards will be made the following month on the Second Wednesday of the month at the City Council’s regular meeting. Nominations submitted will be considered valid for 12 months after submission.

Nomination forms can be emailed or submitted to.

Attn: Volunteer of the Month Nomination

160 Lake Street N
Big Lake, MN 55309