Solicitor Registration Information

To obtain a Solicitor's Registration (seeking to obtain, or attempt to obtain, orders for goods, wares, products, merchandise, personal property, or services within the City limits of the City of Big Lake), each applicant must submit the following:

  • "Solicitor Registration" form
  • Identification of all persons listed on the Registration form (ex: driver's license, state issued identification card, etc.).
  • No fee is required for application of a Solicitor's Registration Application.

Upon submittal of the completed Registration form and required identification, the City Clerk or designee will review and issue a Certificate of Registration that must be carried with ALL solicitor(s) while soliciting in the City of Big Lake. Failure to submit all of the required documentation will delay the processing of the Registration.

The fillable form or printable .PDF version of the Registration form is found to the right of this page.

If you have any further questions, please contact the City Clerk at Big Lake City Hall.

PLEASE NOTE: SOLICITOR'S (per Big Lake City Code) ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CARRY PRODUCTS WITH THEM THAT ARE BEING OFFERED FOR IMMEDIATE SALE/PURCHASE. Solicitor's may carry products to be used for demonstrational purposes only, but these products cannot be immediately purchased by a consumer. If you are planning to offer products for immediate purchase, you should be applying for a Peddler/Transient Merchant Permit instead of a Solicitor's Permit.