BLEDA Strategic Plan

Big Lake Economic Development Authority (BLEDA) Strategic Plan

3-Year Perspective - 2019 through 2021

This Strategic Plan provides a realistic and practical approach to economic development goals and activities for the BLEDA. The purpose is to guide BLEDA Commissioners and its staff to focus on economic development priorities. This Strategic Plan will improve accountability for the BLEDA Commissioners along with its staff, and will improve the capacity to measure outcomes.

Strategy: Define the role of the BLEAD.

Work Plan ObjectivesDue Date
1.Review BLEDA By-laws05/2019
2.Recommend lawful and necessary changes to the BLEDA By-laws06/2019
3.Recommend an addendum to the BLEDA By-laws, which defines the role and expectations of a BLEDA Commissioner06/2019

Strategy: Sell BLEDA-owned Industrial Park Phase II by December 31, 2021.

Work Plan ObjectivesDue Date
1.Work with Real Estate Attorney to develop a streamlined process for land sale04/2019
2.Set price point with a decreasing scale over years
  • Recommend approval by all boards (BLEDA, Planning Commission, City Council, Township Board)
3.Develop sale/marketing package with a full description of the property
  • Ask for testimonials from current BLIPE business owners
  • Recommend approval of sale/marketing package by the BLEDA
  • Update all marketing materials to reflect the sale/marketing package
  • Distribute to all elected/appointed officials, and City Staff
4.Appropriately stage the property (schedule lawn maintenance, install signage, etc.)05/2019
5.Direct market to Real Estate Brokers and DevelopersOngoing
6.Participate in relevant expos, site selector events, forums, conferences, etc.Ongoing

Strategy: Recognize BLEDA & City-owned commercial property and cultivate a development/redevelopment plan for each parcel.

Work Plan ObjectivesDue Date
1.Rose Drive (BLEDA-owned) - PID 65-554-0115
  • Identify and eliminate road blocks for development
  • Market and sell property for commercial development
2.Martin Avenue / Fern Street (BLEDA-owned) - PID 65-554-0105
  • Identify and eliminate road blocks for development/redevelopment
  • Contact owner of both PID 65-420-0135 and PID 65-420-0145 (same owner) to discuss future of property - position BLEDA to acquire properties in order to redevelop site
3.420 Putnam Avenue (BLEDA-owned) - PID 65-403-0430
  • Monitor contiguous parcels and position BLEDA to acquire properties
  • Hold parcel for commercial development
  • Identify and eliminate road blocks for development/redevelopment
  • Determine when and how to market parcel
4.HWY 10 / Eagle Lake Road South (City-owned) - PID 65-019-4405
  • Challenging parcel to develop on its own - parcel is appropriate for a redevelopment project with PID 65-401-0080 and PID 65-563-0020
  • Identify and eliminate roadblocks for redevelopment
  • Partner with owner of PID 65-401-0080
5.Humboldt Drive (City-owned) - PID 65-563-0020
  • Can only be sold if part of a redevelopment project with #4 of this strategy work plan
6.City Hall (City-owned) - PID 65-477-0110, PID 65-477-0105, PID 65-477-0010
  • Future redevelopment project
  • Welcome opportunities for discussion

Strategy: Generate revenue to create an economic development fund.

Work Plan ObjectivesDue Date
1.Maintain extensive knowledge of all business financing tools (federal, state, local, etc.)Ongoing
2.Work in partnership with the Big Lake Finance Director to discover budgeting options for the BLEDA to consider
  • Create a financial "handbook" that clearly explains all BLEDA finances
3.Author a successful Minnesota Investment Fund (MIF) Application to MnDEED to become a financial pass-through for an eligible expanding business and to generate up to $100,000 for the BLEDA12/2020
4.Invest time into builiding and expanding relationships with Big Lake businesses, Big Lake Schools, Big Lake Township, Sherburne County, Big Lake Chamber, regional partners, developers, Realtors, investors, etc.Ongoing

The BLEDA is committed to: Understanding the needs of growing businesses; providing prompt, friendly service to help businesses expand efficiently; and creating a healthy, stable enviroment where residents and bussinesses can grown and succeed.

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