2021 Street & Utility Project

The 2021 Street and Utility Project includes Areas A and B. Each area is broken into phases. View this subpage for current status updates. Project Areas A and B

Area A: Phases 1, 2, & 3   

Phase 1 2 3 Map  210903Phase 1 Current Status: Work substantially complete. Some streets signs remain to be installed and turf germination will be reviewed in the spring.

Phase 2 & 3 Current Status: Work substantially complete. Turf germination will be reviewed in the spring.

Area B: Phases 4 & 5  

Phase 4 5 Map  210903

Phase 4 Current Status: (Will Street, Powell Circle North, Powell St, and North of Powell Circle East) Curbing in-place and driveways restored. Planning to pave the first layer of asphalt week of November 8th. Sidewalk grading is mostly prepared for spring installation.  Boulevard work behind the curb are being prepped until freeze (likely mid-November) and final restoration in the spring with Phase 5. Final layer of asphalt placed in the spring/early summer with Phase 5.

Phase 5 Current Status: (Powell Circle East, Powell Circle West, Powell Street, and South of Powell Circle East). Due to storm sewer and watermain component availability, Phase 5 work will take place in late April, May, and June of 2022. Certain construction products were previously stocked by suppliers, but this year is unfortunately an exception.