Updates on Street Resurfacing Project

Below you will find updates on the 2019 Street Resurfacing Project.

Date of UpdateLocation of WorkUpdates
8-14-19Pondview Dr, Pintail St, Lake View L, Wall St, Park Ave W, Fair Meadows CirThe contractor is starting to perform the street work in 3 locations (see map) the week. Planned work includes spot curb replacement, adjusting the manholes, milling the pavement, base patching, and laying a new layer of asphalt. Access will be restricted the day of paving. I want to protect the asphalt surface until it has cooled and hardened. Streets typically start reopening in the afternoon and early evenings as the contractor progresses. This will be about a 3 to 4 week process. Weather can cause delay. Please drive slow through these areas.
8-20-19McDowall Park TrailWork is progressing along. The 3 mile long trail system is expected to be paved early September. You will notice that all entrances have a "Trail Closed" sign. The new culverts went in and the 400 foot long low spot is being raised 8 to 12 inches. It is important to also recognize that when this work takes place, erosion protection is in place to protect wetlands, lakes and rivers. We placed 4 rows of bio-logs between the trail and the wetland. Work continues...
9-4-19McDowall Park TrailThe contractor plans to pave the 3 miles of McDowall Park Trail system Thursday (9-5-19), Friday (9-6-19) and Saturday (9-7-19). Hoping the weather cooperates but looks wet. If weather delays completion, they should finish after the weekend. It will be a busy few days. There will be skid loaders, steel drum rollers and dump trucks traveling the trail system. Please stay clear of the trail system until the "Trail Closed" signs come down.
9-10-19McDowall Park TrailThe McDowall Park Trail system is now paved and open for use. There is still some minor edge restoration to complete in the next week or so. Some Big Lakers are already using it!
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    Public Works Director
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Map 8-14-19


McDowall Park Trail