2023 Street Seal Coating

Street seal coating will take place from Monday, August 7th through Wednesday, August 9th. Allied Blacktop, Inc. will be seal coating approximately 5 miles of neighborhood streets. The contractor will post the street with no parking signs this weekend prior to seal coating. The streets will be swept approximately 2 to 3 weeks after seal coating. Seal coating helps extend the useful life of the pavement by providing a waterproof membrane to slow down the reduction of oils in the pavement and keeps moisture out of the surface.

  • No Parking – Please do not park on the street where the “No Parking” signs are placed. This restriction will last only a couple days.
  • No Boulevard Watering – Please do not water the area near the street while the “No Parking” signs are up. The moisture causes problems with a good adhesion and this will delay the contractor’s progress as they wait for a wet area to dry.
  • Process – The streets will be swept to remove dirt and debris, then the pavement will be coated with asphalt emulsion (oil) and small rock. The rock will be rolled shortly after placing. Loose rock will be swept up several weeks later.
  • Safety – Do not drive through the emulsion before the rock is applied as this could result in damage to your vehicle.  For several weeks, there will be some loose rock on the street which will result in reduced traction of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

If you have any access needs, questions or concerns, please email City Engineer Layne Otteson or you can reach him via phone at 763-251-2984. View maps of the seal coating below.