Recreational Fires

Section 540 - Open Burning

540.01  Yard Waste. The burning of dried leaves and other yard waste is hereby prohibited within the City.

540.02  Permits. Special burning permits shall be allowed only for practice fires of the Big Lake Fire Department. Permits shall be issued by the Fire Chief only and shall meet all requirements of State law.

540.03  Recreational Fires. Recreational fires shall be permitted without a permit but must follow the guidelines set forth by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Subdivison 1 Definitions. For the purpose of this Section, a recreational fire shall mean any fire set for cooking, warming, or ceremonial purposes, which is not more than three feet in diameter by three feet high, and has had the ground five feet from the base of the fire cleared of all combustible material.

Subdivion 2 Requirements. When a campfire is used for recreational purposes, it must:
A. Be ignited with an approved starter fluid using dry, clean wood.
B. Produce little detectable smoke, odor, or soot beyond the property line.
C. Be conducted with an adult tending the fire at all times.
D. Be extinguished completely before quitting the occasion.
E. Be respectful of weather conditions, neighbors, burning bans, and air quality.