Solicitor Registrations

SOLICITORS - Persons going door-to-door are NOT allowed to carry product for immediate sale. Person(s) holding this type of registration are selling a service such as roofing, siding, sales of a product for future delivery, financial advisors selling a financial service, cable representatives selling a cable/internet/phone service, etc.

Per MN Statute and City Code, Solicitors are only required to “register” with the City before going door-to-door.

 320.08   Registration.  All solicitors, and any person exempt from the licensing requirements of this Section under Subsection 320.04, shall be required to register with the City.  Registration shall be made on the same form required for a license application, but no fee shall be required.  Immediately upon completion of the registration form, the City Administrator shall issue to the registrant a Certificate of Registration as proof of the registration.  Certificates of Registration shall be non-transferable.

Current Registered Solicitors

Business Name Authorized Solicitor Registration Date Expiration Date
Ace Solid Waste, Inc. Kyle Wolters 3/09/2020 5/09/2020