City Levy

Before setting the actual levy, the council must estimate the expected city expenditures during the next calendar year.  This is done through the preparation of the city budget.  After taking into consideration all anticipated non-property tax revenues, including various state aids, the city subtracts the anticipated expenditures, resulting in a substantial amount of money the city will need to raise through the property tax levy to provide city services.

Local governments do not directly set the tax rate, but instead the tax rate is a function of the levy and the local tax base.

The City’s net tax capacity value is used to calculate the city’s tax rate.  As taxable market values increase, the net tax capacity increases, which then lowers the city tax rate.

The city tax rate is calculated based on the total levy (amount needed to cover city services) divided by the city’s net tax capacity.

The City’s tax has decreased 35% over the last nine years, from a 61.215 in 2014 to a 39.449 in 2023.  This is one of the largest decrease for the Cities in Sherburne County.

City Tax Rate 2014-2023

Sherburne County Cities Tax Rates 2014-2023

What does your property tax pay for?

Based on home value of $300,001 - Per Day cost

Public Safety - $1.33

City Debt Payments - $0.64

Culture & Recreation - $0.50

General Government/Economic Development - $0.31

Streets & Engineering Department - $0.40