Spring Street Load Limits

Road Weight Restrictions

Spring road restrictions have been lifted effective April 24, 2023. 

Spring weight restrictions are implemented each year in an effort to preserve and protect Big Lake’s road system during the thawing and refreezing associated with spring.

Purpose of the Restrictions

Streets are weakened during the spring thaw by water that becomes trapped in the gravel base below the pavement. The weight of vehicles traveling over these roads can cause the road to bend and possibly crack.

Limiting the amount of weight on the street during this time will minimize the wear and allow the base adequate time to stabilize.

The road weight restrictions typically will not affect the average car or truck; however, construction vehicles entering residential neighborhoods may have to lighten their loads to comply with the restrictions.

Big Lake Restrictions

In accordance with Minnesota Statutes, City roads within the City of Big Lake shall be restricted to five ton, on any single axle on unpaved streets or 10 ton on a paved street unless posted or otherwise noted, during the period to be determined by the State of Minnesota Department of Transportation.

View Spring Street Load Limit Map (PDF) to see the streets that can accommodate more than five ton per axle.