Recreational Vehicle Registration

Recreational Vehicle Operations on Roadways

All-Terrain Vehicles:   Class 1 ATV (4-Wheeler) – Class 2 ATV (Side by Side) – Utility Task Vehicle

May be operated:

  • On City Streets with a valid City of Big Lake Registration.
  • On a roadway into a City of Big Lake Park, and the parking lot.
  • On private property for the purpose of plowing, maintenance, or other service work.
  • Class 2 may be operated on the shoulder of a County Roadway (Sherburne County Code).

May not be operated:

  • On Highway 10 (Jefferson Boulevard), or Highway 25 (Lake Street South), but may cross these roadways directly. (Minnesota Statute)
  • For “joyriding,” may be operated to a residence, business, or designated trail.
  • On a sidewalk, bike trail, walking trail, park lands, private property without permission, school property.

Minnesota Statutes for Operations

  • Must meet Minnesota Statute with regards to lighting, license, seat-belt use, and helmet use.


  • May use the most direct route to a designated trail, or authorized area of operation on a City Street.

Golf Carts

  • May be operated on City Streets.
  • Must be operated as close to the right side of the roadway as possible.

City of Big Lake Recreational and Specialty Vehicle Ordinance

City of Big Lake ATV Ordinance Reference Sheet

MN DNR Off-highway Vehicle Regulations

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